Wills, Estates & Probate Law

When your loved one has passed, probate may be necessary. Generally, probate is required when there are debts owed in the estate and when there is property titled in the decedent’s name. When a person dies with a Will, the Court proceeding is called “probate,” and it is necessary to go through the Court to have an executor appointed – even when the executor is named in the Will. When a person dies without a Will, the Court proceeding is called “administration,” and it is necessary to go through the Court to have an administrator appointed. Probate and/or administration should be opened in Texas within 4 years of the date of death. Anyone entitled to inherit from the decedent has the right to open either type of proceeding. You need an experienced attorney to help navigate these processes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to contact us to help you through this difficult time with compassion and expertise.

Criminal Defense

Amy started her legal career working for Hines, Ranc & Holub, a leading criminal defense firm in downtown Austin in 2013. Through her experience with them, she has good relationships with prosecutors and judges in Travis and Williamson Counties. Amy has handled all types of criminal cases from simple possession of marijuana to aggravated sexual assault of a child. If you or a loved one has been arrested, do not discuss your case with anyone but an attorney. Please don’t hesitate to call as soon as possible for a free consultation in your criminal case in Travis, Williamson, or surrounding counties.

Uncontested Family Law

Family comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it is necessary to get the Court involved in those relationships. If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce and are able to communicate amicably with one another, please contact us to help with this process. In addition, if a change is needed in a child custody situation where the parties are in agreement, we are happy to help. Please contact us anytime with questions and let us know how we can help.

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